The Raspberries Best Songs

The Raspberries Best Songs Following it are three songs that are just as good the last of the three, "I Wanna Be With You", being my personal favorite Raspberries song. Side A of the album ends with "I Can Remember", an 8 minute epic. The song starts off as a lovely ballad and then turns into a hard rocking song with some classical music influences. carmen eric bette edm remix davis eyes single vibbidi rock The matching Mod suits, trim haircuts, and youthful appearance weren't just for play. The Raspberries' looks extended to their irresistibly catchy and refreshingly concise music, a blend of bouncy Britpop, lazyday psychedelia, mellifluous pop, and crunch arena rock that stands apart from the epic pomposity of most of the early 70s' commercial trends and continues to linger as some of ... These are the ten best Raspberries songs. 10. Ecstasy. The song starts with classic guitar laid over a simple beat. The music sounds like something that you might